Yosemite Valley and Glacier Point

Our last two days were much warmer and sunnier than the previous days and it was a good day to have waiting for a longer hike. We chose the famous Mist Trail and then continued up to Nevada Falls, stopping short of the half dome trail and looping back along the Muir trail. Never have we seen so many people on a longer hike- Yosemite for all it’s flaws is certainly well loved and utilized.

Here is a picture from the mist trail- can you see all the people?



Us at the top of Nevada Falls.

View of Nevada Falls from the Muir Trail


Above is Hogdon Meadows, at our campsite. Loads of red winged black birds (which we miss from home) and even some mountain lion scat- no mountain lion however!

The last day we headed up to Glacier point for a last view of the valley.


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One Response to Yosemite Valley and Glacier Point

  1. Wow! Absolutely beautiful photos!

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